About us

Hong Kong Pharmacist is an information service platform for pharmacy professionals and students.   We started the platform in November 2014 and we have already reached a staggering number of 1000 subscribers with over 220,000 page views, that makes up approximately over a third of the 2700 currently registered pharmacists, 300 pharmacy undergraduates and more aspiring pharmacy students. How intriguing!

The continuously growing pharmacist profession is formed by the relatively young and energetic pharmacist professionals with a median age of 39. This group of talent plays a pivotal role in the healthcare system, from drug research & development, clinical trial, manufacturing, distribution to drug regulation, tender & procurement, and to pharmacovilgance and patient counselling. On this platform, we strive to provide all kinds of resources to support today’s pharmacy professionals and students on their study, license exam, professional registration, career  decision and life-long learning.

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Founder, Franco Pang