Working in Hong Kong as pharmacist professional enjoys a low income tax and a good amount of annual holiday leaves. The starting salary of an entry-level pharmacist is considerably high comparing with pharmacists working overseas and local workers in other job sectors.

What are the career paths in Hong Kong?

Most of the pharmacists are working in community pharmacies, chain private clinics, public and private hospitals. There are also other exciting opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, civil services e.g. the Department of Health and Hospital Authority, clinical trial companies and Universities.

You can find the brief outline of each career path in the career sections. There are also some worthwhile articles written by the experienced pharmacists with different backgrounds on the working life and job responsibility of various fields.

Looking for job opportunities?

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Do they recruit overseas fresh graduates?

Definitely yes! While you are preparing for the Hong Kong Pharmacy Exam and not yet registered in Hong Kong, you could still apply for positions e.g. dispensers, Q.A. and production roles to feel the pulse of the industry that you are interested.

Am I getting reasonably paid?

Salary is one of the very important factors to decide for taking a job offer, visit the salary index page now for more information.