The Hong Kong Pharmacist Registration Application

Any person who intends to practise as a pharmacist in Hong Kong should first be registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong (PPBHK). A detailed application guideline is outlined on the PPBHK website.

I have elaborated some particular points to consider for the overseas graduates and pharmacists who are not familiar with the certification system in Hong Kong.

When to apply?

You should apply as soon as you have obtained your practising license in the country you had your training if you are planning to register in Hong Kong immediately. You will also need to apply for the registration exam by the closing date in order to sit the soon coming exam.


You should have completed your pharmacy programme that is no less than three full-time academic years, and have registered as a qualified pharmacist in the country in which you have completed your education. In other words, you must have obtained your practising license in the country you had your training before you could apply for the pharmacist registration in Hong Kong.


You should have completed a one-year period of pre-registration training that involves direct patient care services (i.e. community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy) for a period of not less than 6 months, with an inclusive of a holiday entitlement of not more than 4 weeks. Other circumstances maybe considered at the discretion of the Board, please refer to the application guideline for more details.

Exam requirement

Pass all paper exams in Hong Kong. Visit the “Hong Kong Pharmacist Registration Examination” page for more details.

Supporting documents

I have received enquiries from my friends and applicants regarding to the below supporting documents required by PPBHK and I think you could have the similar questions…

Testimonial of practical experience in pharmacy: Two things should be prepared, (1) Ask your tutor / mentor / manager / colleagues to write you a letter describing your full name (must be the legal name shown in your identity card or passport) and the period of time you have worked as a pre-registration trainee, with the company letterhead, issuer’s signature, prepared date and most importantly with a company chop. (2) PPBHK might request for other official evidence of your practical experience, best to make your documents available upon request, such as the pre-registration training curriculum, evidence of accomplished training milestones and competencies, etc…

A letter from a person of good standing vouching for identity and good character: This letter can be written by almost anyone who vouches for your moral character.

An up-to-date letter of good standing issued by the Board of Pharmacy where registered: In my experience, it took more than a month time for the General Pharmaceutical Council in the UK to issue this letter to the PPBHK, so bear in mind to request it in advance and find out more from your country regulator.

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