Study Pharmacy in Hong Kong

Pharmacy is generally regarded as one of the top courses provided in the local Universities and is the choice of study for the high achieving candidates. The admission requirement is very high due to the excessive demand and a limited number of seats. Earning top grades in high school is the only way to stand out from the crowd.

There are currently two Pharmacy Schools in Hong Kong – launched in 1992 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and 2009 at the University of Hong Kong. The total annual intake of pharmacy undergraduates is only around 60.

> Admission to the Chinese University of Hong Kong

> Admission to the University of Hong Kong

After completing of the 3 or 4-year pharmacy programme, the student must take a further year of pre-registration training as required by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong.

It is common that the locally graduated pharmacist will further undertake the part-time Master Degree of Clinical Pharmacy programme to increase their competitiveness in job hunting.

Exemption from the registration examination

The pharmacy graduates from Hong Kong are normally exempted from the requirement of passing the Board’s examination, but it could be still required for the HKU graduates from the new pharmacy programme.

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