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How can I become a pharmacist in Hong Kong if I study in UK?

Step 1: Four-year MPharm Course in UK

Step 2: Pre-registration Year in UK

Step 3: Pre-registration Exam in UK

Step 4: Pharmacy Registration Exam in HK


The first step of being a pharmacist in HK would require your enrolment for an accredited MPharm course.  It would be ideal if you graduate with at least 2.2 honour or above.  When you are at your last semester of year 3, you will start applying for your pre-registration year, which is an one-year work experience in either hospital (10%*) / community (89%) / industry (~1%) field or even a combination of them which is called a split pre-reg programme. Entrance on a pre-registration year is competitive but is an essential requirement for you to sit for the UK national registration exam.  It composes of 3 papers which are with all multiple choice questions (MCQ).  If you pass the exam, you will then finally be registered with General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) as a pharmacist in UK and qualified to sit for the conversion exam in Hong Kong. Please note that you could only practice in Hong Kong if you pass the registration exam.

*A rough estimated proportion of the pre-registration year places.

MPharm Description

MPharm is a 4-year programme that integrates science and healthcare, with a strong focus on the practical experience which will prepare you to embark on a career in various settings.  They are all accredited by GPhC and share a similar course structure.  Usually, year 1 would be an introduction of the basic and important science theories which gives you a strong ground to build on your knowledge. Then the focus will evolve to pharmaceutical science that covers the process of turning chemicals to drugs, clinical therapeutics that demonstrates how drugs interact with your body and also pharmacy practice that helps develop your skills and knowledge as a pharmacist. Placements in hospital,community or industry are usually organised throughout the programme to give students early practical experience and valuable clinical exposure.  In the final year, you are expected to complete an individual research project.

A few examples of the modules included: (Name and content may vary between schools)

  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Clinical Therapeutics (central nervous system, oncology, cardiovascular etc…)
  • Drug Formulations
  • Law & Ethics
  • Pharmacology
  • Research Skills
  • Drug Discovery
  • Drug Delivery System

Author: Joe, a UK final year student

> How to pick the UK MPharm course that suits me best?

在英國修讀A-Level,預計AS成績為2A2B,將來考慮升入大學讀藥劑,有意在英國或加拿大升大學,因持有加拿大公民資格。先不論成績是否足夠,英國提供藥劑的大學不少,問題在於修畢之後的實習必須找一份年薪20,700英鎊才可以獲得簽證留在英國實習;假如他日要留英成為英國註冊藥劑師,必須修讀完藥劑學碩士(MPharm),然後實習一年,通過General Pharmaceutical Council安排的考試,及格便可在英國註冊。至於加拿大的藥劑學則必須先入讀本科學士學位,起碼修完兩年,甚至取得學位,才可正式入讀藥劑,一般修畢藥劑學學士後,透過實習以及專業考試便可成為專業藥劑師。


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