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How to write a Good “Better” resume

How many pages should my resume be? Should I submit a cover letter with my resume if it is optional? What should I put in my resume if I do not have any related experiences?

To answer all the above questions, you should understand the below factors.

 1. Understanding your job market competitiveness

The amount of time that a resume screener spends on your CV is greatly dependent on the number of applications he or she has received.

How competitive is the job field or position you have applied in Hong Kong? Research and make an estimation! If you are looking for an entry-level job in a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Think about the ratio of your freshly graduated friends who are currently working in that field, the number of manufacturers in Hong Kong, number of entry-level pharmacists hired per company, the number of new practicing pharmacists in Hong Kong, etc…

What I am trying to say is the pharmacy profession in Hong Kong is not that competitive. It is absolutely fine to write a 2 to 3 pages long resume as the resume screener should have sufficient time to read through that.

Do not adopt the same strategy as the candidates who are applying for a highly competitive job in the investment bank or business consulting firm, a 1-page resume with tight margin and spacing is not necessary in our case.

2. Presenting your strengths and abilities

Fresh graduates often have no experience that is relevant to the job responsibilities described on job adverts. In order to prove your capability and creditability, you should get the recruiter’s attention on your knowledge and interpersonal skills. Put down the relevant module units that you had in your course; highlight your dissertation and final year project that relates to the job you have applied; describe 1 or 2 internship experiences and illustrate what you have learnt and responsible for in key bullet points.

My recommendation for you would be to spend more time to proof read your resume and format it as best as possible.

If you would like to request for more advice on writing resume and cover letter, please message me for more details. 

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