HealthTech Asia 2016 in Hong Kong

HealthTech Asia 2016 was held successfully at PMQ, Central, Hong Kong in January. Investors, Healthcare Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Pharmaceutical Seniors and Business Consultants came together and discussed on the most innovative ideas and strategies to solve the biggest healthcare challenges.

On the day:

health tech 2016 e

Discussion Panel with StartUp CEOs

health tech 2016 c

Presentation given by The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry

health tech 2016 a

Presentation given by Scanadu CEO – Walter De Brouwer

health tech 2016 b

Promo Vids:

Interview with Steve Monaghan, Regional Director – Head of Edge (Group Innovation), AIA

Interview with Andy Liu, Vice Chairman – International Affairs, Hong Kong Biotechnology Organisation


Grab the opportunity to talk with founders and team members from dozens of health tech startups exhibiting in the Startup Village! A truly unique experience and a fantastic opportunity to perhaps personally interact with Asia’s next Unicorn.

The intersection of health and technology has just begun. All aspects of healthcare as we know it today will change dramatically in the next three years. Health tech represents one of the greatest startup and investment opportunities of our generation. The compounding challenges of healthcare growing faster than CPI (consumer price index), aging populations and declining tax bases make health tech a government, commercial and social priority. Bringing together competencies in IoT, data and medical expertise, Hong Kong is uniquely positioned to lead Asia into the health tech revolution.

Through amazing keynotes from practitioners at the cutting edge of science and technology, HealthTech Asia will provide insights into how these developments may save or enrich the lives of millions. Leveraging on the AIA Accelerator, Asia’s first health tech Accelerator, experience first hand how some of Asia’s leading entrepreneurs are solving real life problems and providing access to new products, diagnostic tools and services.

See a new generation of startup pitches during the event and learn what drives these entrepreneurs to seek solutions to problems previously thought impossible. Join us to get a rare glimpse into the future of the health.

For more info:

Stay tuned with us and grab the chance to network with the most ambitious healthcare talents next year!


Regular: 99 USD (~ 780 HKD)

About the Organisers:

AIA is Asia’s pre-eminent insurance company and the creator of Asia’s first health tech accelerator.

HKBIO is the leading life sciences organisation working with global companies across biotech, pharmaceuticals, devices and health tech.

HKAPI: The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry is a leading organisation working with international pharmaceutical companies across all areas from R&D to policy-related matters.

HKMHDIA: The Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association is the leading association representing the medical and healthcare device industries in Hong Kong.