Pharmacist Job and Responsibility

Pharmacist Job

Pharmacist is considered to be one of the most rewarding professional careers in Hong Kong. It gives a good earning power, a stable income, and a respected social status.

Every pharmacist has a mission to improve the public health at various points in the healthcare system, some increase the patients’ adherence of pharmacological treatments in the first line through face-to-face consultation at retail pharmacies and clinics; some verify the drug treatment at hospitals and dispensaries to ensure the effective use of medicines without interactions and contra-indications, some oversee the quality system in pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure the safety, purity and efficiency of tablets and capsules; some work as researchers and discover new medicinal compounds for human use.

Number of Pharmacist

As of 2017 in Hong Kong, according to the Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR, there are 2659 practicing pharmacists working in the community, hospital, industrial and other healthcare sectors, which is roughly equivalent to every 10,000 population is served by 4 pharmacists.

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