Community Pharmacy Chain


The daily focus and workload of being a community pharmacist vary between stores in different geographical locations. You could receive enquiries about medications from a range of 20 – 70 patients and customers in a day. Since there is still no separation of prescribing and dispensing in Hong Kong, the amount of prescription received in community pharmacies is small and could vary from 10 – 30 a week. Full time pharmacists normally start to work from 10 am and finish at 8 pm without any shift required. Our daily routine is to maintain sufficient stock level to fulfil customers’ needs, recommend over-the-counter products and provide advice on minor aliments management with our experienced consultation and communication techniques. On the other hand, we train up pharmacy student interns and newly joined colleagues, also providing voluntary services to the care homes, e.g. medication use review, on a ad-hoc basis.

In 2015, a new policy of the “Person-in-Charge” (PIC) has been endorsed by the Department of Health, one PIC (a responsible pharmacist) has to be nominated and represent each pharmacy store in Hong Kong.

– written by a community pharmacist in Hong Kong

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