Pharmacy Voluntary Service and Internship

Joining the voluntary services and internships early is a great opportunity for you to feel the pulse of the working environment, understanding the pharmacist’s role, and importantly to prove to the Universities your determination towards your career path.

What opportunities are available?

I have seen pre-University students and undergraduates worked as dispensary helper in retail chain pharmacies and clinics, such as Mannings, Watsons and Quality HealthCare; voluntary helper in hospitals to organize activities for patients group and repack medicines in dispensaries during the weekend; research assistant in pharmacy schools or laboratories of R&D centres and hospitals to support the PhD students and professors.

How to apply?

The success key is to proactively approach the right place at the right time. I recommend you to look out for opportunities at least 1-2 months prior to your scheduled period reserved for the job.

Emailing: Look up the webpages of pharmacy schools, hospitals and healthcare companies, send out polite and presentable emails to the professors and human resources for opportunities.

Site Visiting: Pop into the chain pharmacies, ask the pharmacists on duty for opportunities or the right contact point, you can even ask them to share you their own experience on looking for internships.


The patient human resources departments in hospitals are always looking for young volunteers to help visiting patients, conducting surveys, organizing events and decorating the premises. If you are unable to find any ideal opportunities, try to contact them, and you could be referred to help out the dispensary upon your sincere request.