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singaporean-flag-graphicPre-requisite University Requirement

The applicant must be graduated from the Universities accepted by Singapore Pharmacy Council (SPC), and registered with the pharmacist regulatory authorities accepted by SPC. Licensed pharmacists from most of the well-recognised overseas Universities can be exempted for the full pre-registration training in Singapore. Apart from that, a conditional registration period is mandatory, overseas registered pharmacists will have to work under supervision in an SPC-approved institution for 1-2 years, again depending on which University you are qualified from.

Pre-requisite Job Offer Requirement

The applicant must have a job offer from a SPC-approved training centre in advance before applying as a pharmacist in Singapore.

SPC-approved training centre are most of the Government Hospitals and three main Pharmacy Chains. You can find a full list here. In general, hospitals with approved training centres only consider pharmacists with prior relevant experiences.

Pre-Registration Exams and Training (Could be exempted partially)

The period of pre-registration training ranges from 3 – 12 months: an accelerated period of 3 – 6 months is dedicated for those who have already registered in foreign countries; the full year course is for fresh graduates without any prior training experience. However, it should be noted that the final decisions are subjected to SPC. During the preregistration training, you will also be required to take a compulsory Forensic Examination relating to Pharmacy Laws in Singapore as well as a competency assessment.

Conditional Registration

Upon passing the examinations and fulfilling the minimum pre-registration period, the applicant may then apply for the conditional registration and start working as a pharmacist under the supervision of a fully registered pharmacist with the SPC-approved institution, which requires 1 year for pharmacists who are graduated from Universities in the qualification list provided by the SPC. You can find a full list here. For pharmacists who are graduated from Universities that are not included in the list, a 2-year training period will be required.

Upon successful completion of the conditional registration, the pharmacist can finally be applied as a fully registered pharmacist in Singapore.

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