The Hong Kong Pharmacist Registration Examination

Exam application

The exam application forms can be obtained from the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong (PPBHK) office – Department of Health Headquarters, 1/F, Shun Feng International Centre, 182 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong. The exam application closing date is normally in late February and August, which is about 3 months prior to the exam dates. Make sure you check on the website for the up-to-date deadlines.

Please note that in my experience, the exam application forms are only provided once you have submitted your registration application form. Please call the PPBHK office at 2527 8432 for confirmation.

Exam papers and Pass rate

The registration exam consists of three 3-hour exam papers – Pharmacy Legislation, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacology. There are approximately 80 – 100 candidates sitting each paper and the pass rate is roughly 50% on average for each paper. The pass rate has been fluctuating significantly from as low as 8%, up to 80%.

Exam past papers

Hardcopies of past papers can be purchased from the PPBHK office at the cost of photocopying (approx. HKD $2 per page). The sample exam papers are also available for download on the PPBHK website (at the bottom page).

Exam dates

The exam is conducted twice a year in Hong Kong, normally in June and December. In my experience, only one paper exam will be conducted on each day, all my paper exams were scheduled on alternate days, e.g. Monday > Wednesday > Friday.

Validity of Exam Period

All three papers must be passed within 3 years, otherwise re-sit on all papers will be required. The number of attempts should be unlimited.

Exam Fees

Each exam paper costs HKD $1,110 for each attempt.

Exam results

The result day is normally three months after the end date of the last paper exam. An official letter will be sent to your mailbox, which describes whether you are passed or failed on each paper, and enclosed with the instruction of the steps to complete the registration process. On the other hand, the exam result will be published on the official website of PPBHK at around the same period.

Review of Exam Results

If you are not satisfied with the announced results, a review can be requested within one month after the release of exam results. A review letter will be sent to the candidate in three weeks time upon receipt of review request, which informs you the range of score, e.g. 50 – 60, and whether that range is considered as a fail or pass.

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