Pharmacists graduated overseas may find the HK exam particularly tough as the syllabus is quite different from what they have had in the University and Training Year. A lot of brain memory is required for remembering your drafted lengthy model answers to score  in this traditionally structured exam. Practice of past papers is a must-do as the exam questions are repeated over and over again.

Some of my friends enjoyed working overseas and flied back to Hong Kong just for a week to take the exam papers, some of them survived, mostly failed.

I would recommend you to take all 3 papers in one go (or maybe 2 if you are extremely worried). Reserve at least 1 month for revision, more time should be needed if you are working part-time or full-time, talk to your manager in advance and negotiate for a 2-3 week study leave, they should understand the difficulty of this open exam.

Don’t get stressed! I am here to help, continue to read about the steps to apply for the exam and the study guide for each exam paper now. Exam tips and study kits are available for you to lift up your exam pass rate.