Study Pharmacy

A lot of study tips and advice are available here for people in all education stage, it is not just dedicated to the prominent HKDSE sitters, but also the bright young students who have started working towards their dream; postgraduates who are preparing to be registered as a pharmacist; passionate mums and dads who want their kids to get into this prestigious profession. I hope any of you could take something useful away and understand more about this respected profession.

Some suggestions before you read on…

My recommendation for you would be to spend some extra time on researching the matters that you anticipate yourself would come across in the shortcoming future. Say if you want to work in the pharmaceutical field in Hong Kong, look into the available pharmacy courses or degrees in the science related discipline; look out for opportunities, talk to the undergraduates and graduates; learn about the job requirements and role responsibilities from the recruitment websites; research about the local and multinational pharmaceutical companies to understand their corporate values, functions, differences and get familiar with the industry. Preparations and planning are the critical steps for you to kick-start and achieve your goal.